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east centric triennale

The treehugger-pavilion has been chosen to be exhibited at this year's East Centric Triennale in Bucharest, Romania. Here we have been nominated for the East Centric Arhitext Award as well. See you - maybe - there.

cmpr. 3rd prize!

We are happy to announce that our entry for the open Central Mosque of Pristina-competition (CMPR) has been awarded with the third price. Cheers!

hans-peter nünning third partner at one fine day

After years of delightful and inspiring collaboration M.A.(Arch.) Hans-Peter Nünning has fully joined the team and became a partner at one fine day. Together we are looking forward to even more stimulating future enterprises...

a new house in the making...

We have not updated this website since a while - simply because we were busy with a couple of things. One of them is a new house in Wiedenbrück, Germany, that is heading for building permission hopefully soon...

baukunstpreis of stiftung städelschule for baukunst

We are happy to announce that the treehugger-project has been honorably mentioned for this year's Baukunstpreis of Stiftung Städelschule. The jury consisted of Prof. Harald Kloft, Prof. Johan Bettum, Prof. Tobias Rehberger, Till Schneider, Jürgen Riehm, Prof. Gabi Schillig, Peter Cachola Schmal as well as Sir Peter Cook.
Herewith we would also like to congratulate Prof. Gabriela Seifert and Götz Stöckmann of Formalhaut who have been announced winners of the Baukunstpreis 2012 - as well as Prof. Claudio Vekstein, and Bernd Mey/ Christian Pantzer who received honourable mentions as well. Cheers!

deubaupreis 2014 nomination

On November 16th the treehugger-team has been announced as one of the nominees for Deubau Award 2014. More information to be found here. Cheers!

dme @ university of wuppertal

Some time ago we have started working on a new weblog for our department for rendering techniques and design (Darstellungsmethodik und Entwerfen) at the University of Wuppertal. Here we showcase our student's work and announce recent activities and projects. Please have a look at it.

symposium digital matters. adjusting realities

We are happy to announce that the next digital matters symposium will take place at the University of Wuppertal on November 23rd. Please visit our website for registration.

lecture at hochschule karlsruhe

We were invited to do a lecture at Hochschule Karlsruhe. So on December 5th, 2012, Holger will give a talk together with Jürgen Scholte-Wassink on nowadays collaboration of architects and engineers.

/\ house under construction

As announced previously one of our recent projects is currently in execution phase. The house is a collaboration of Darmstadt based Dussling+Müller Architekten and us. More to come...

"architekturteilchen" at makk cologne

We are happy to announce that our treehugger-pavilion is part of the "Architekturteilchen - Modulares Bauen im Digitalen Zeitalter"-exhibition at MAKK Cologne. Please see the announcement in German Baunetz as well.

mcdc launched

"The three-semester Master program addresses graduates of Architecture, Interior and Product Design, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, as well as Information Technology and related studies. Cooperative projects, symposia and master theses serve as a platform for collaborations with the building industry, software suppliers, other universities and architectural offices. The participation is limited to 15 candidates. Application deadline is June 30th, 2012. Admittance follows an evaluation of the application dossier. For further information, please consult our homepage:"


a while ago our treehugger-pavilion has been shortlisted at Heinze Architekten Award 2011. Cheers!


We are part of the University of Wuppertal's lecture series DI18. So on Tuesday, January 10th, 18.00 h, Holger is going to speculate on the seeming dichotomy of the playful and the rigorous in architectural design. Please feel free to visit the presentation at Campus Haspel (lecture hall HD 24).

happy new year everyone

one fine day wishes a happy new year and that we all manage to make this world a bit better.

europan 11. almere

...finally a first glimpse on our competition-entry for Europan 11 online.

haus /\ heading for construction

One of our recent projects is about to go into construction phase. The house is a collaboration of Darmstadt based Dussling+Müller Architekten and us. More to come...

treehugger at heinzearchitektenaward

We have sent the treehugger to heinzearchitektenaward - and would be grateful for any support here.

professorship at bergische universität wuppertal

Since October,1st, Holger holds a professorship for architectural rendering techniques and design at the University of Wuppertal, Germany. More to come soon.

fhtproxy. koblenz

We have recently opened a small exhibition with student work of the University of Applied Sciences, Trier, at the "treehugger"-pavilion in Koblenz. The projects are on show until Sunday, August 28th. So you need to hurry up in case you want to see it. Otherwise please have a look at our weblog.

master computational design and construction. detmold

If you are interested in digital design methodology please have a look at the "master computational design and construction" [MCDC] that has recently been initiated by Prof. Marco Hemmerling at the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold. Next to being involved in the master's setup we have helped on the design of "sparkler", a small exercise on computer aided manufacturing processes.

treehugger pavilion at buga 2011. koblenz

During the past months our treehugger-pavilion has been widely published. You can find it online at (a.o) baunetz, designboom, architonic, architizer, archdaily, evolo, frame-mag, aeccafe, e-architect, as well as in diverse magazines and books: bauwelt (D), adato (LU), C3 (KR), frame (NL), ecologik (F), maru (KR), archiworld (KR), architecture+culture (KR), der zuschnitt (AT) or DAI (D).

we have moved (again)

We have moved (again) and rented a fabulous space at Schloßstraße 1 in Düsseldorf. Please feel free to visit us at our new "scene of action"...

treehugger pavilion at buga 2011. koblenz

The past months have been very busy - so busy that we even didn't find the time to upate our website. But finally the pavilion at Koblenz's national garden exhibition has opened this week... and appears to be packed with people. We will show a bunch of images soon - until then the project weblog should suffice.

lectures in spring

We have been invited for two lectures this spring. The first to come is at Städelschule's Architecture Class, Frankfurt am Main [14.04.2011, 19:00]. The second one will be part of Kassel University's sub.40 series and will happen on May, 31st at "Kellerwerkbar". Many thanks to Johan and Jan for the invitations.

renovation on its way

The refurbishment of a 90sqm appartement in Duesseldorf has recently started. If all goes well we will finalize construction in February 2011.

3rd prize at "Germany-India - infinite opportunities"-competition.

We have won the third prize at the "Germany-India - infinite opportunities"-competition. Cheers!

lectures during fall

During this fall Holger is going to lecture at a couple of occasions: 29.09.10, 19:00 at diyda, Koeln /// 08.10.10, 19:00 at the annual10, MSA, Muenster /// 05.11.10 at the carpenter's conference, Koblenz /// 06.11.10 at chamber of skilled crafts, Koblenz /// and 07.12.10 at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. Please feel cordially invited.

westarch vernissage

Finally our "piece" for the WESTARCH-exhibition is done... and is made of, some 40 folded steel-elements, 300 screws, two beamers, hours of work of two enthusiastic architects, and the engaged lasercutting, folding, and varnishing done at the chamber of skilled crafts in Koblenz..

tree top walk in gemuenden

We are happy to announce that we have won the first prize in an invited competition for a tree top walk in Gemuenden, Germany.


Holger had a fantastic day at the staedelschule's first year final presentations. Many greetings and thanks to Johan Bettum for the invitation.


one fine day is going to be part of a group exhibition taking place at Ludwigforum in Aachen, Germany, from September 12th until November 14th. Around 30 young offices from the Netherlands, Belgium and North Rhine-Westphalia are part of the show and we are looking forward to have a fantastic time there... Thanks to Marc and Jan of modulorbeat for inviting us.

adato: die jungen wilden

one fine day has been featured in adato-magazine, Luxembourg. If interested you can find the article here.

hand-in of tree-top-walk competition entry

Today we have submitted our entry for an invited competition for a tree-top-walk in Gemuenden, Rheinland-Pfalz. Stay tuned for details to be published soon...

presentation of treehugger-pavilion in koblenz

After six months of development we have presented the preliminary design of a pavillon in Koblenz. "treehugger" is a research project done with students of our department digital design at the University of Applied Sciences, Trier. More in the "projects"-section.

workshop and lecture at Istanbul Technical University

Next to a workshop on integral design strategies Holger gave a lecture at Istanbul Technical University/Istanbul's Building Information Center (YEM). Please check our university-weblog as well.

honorably mentioned

Our competition-entry for the exporeal 2010 stand of Germany's Architects Chamber got honorably mentioned. Cheers.

30/10/2009 come

First thoughts on a - still - secret thingy...


design modelling symposium. berlin

We have been invited by Wolf Mangelsdorf of Buro Happold to join him for this year's Design Modelling Symposium. Thus we are looking forward to some magnificent days in Berlin.


We have moved back to Germany. For the time being you will find us at one of the most beautiful streets of Duesseldorf if you want.


Our friend Asterios Agkathidis of recently published a book on "Modular structures in design an architecture" for which we have contributed an essay on "prototectonics".


digital matters seminars, trier, D

Please visit for the upcoming seminars on digital modelling and algorithmic procedures. We offer two three-day seminars from July 15th until 17th, 2009. Additional information at as well.

digital matters conference, trier, D

Please check our website as well. On June 26th, 2009, we are going to have a fantastic conference on digital design and materialisation technology in Trier. Please feel cordially invited.

seminar at university of wuppertal, D

Holger had a great day doing a seminar on digital design methodology at the faculty of architecture in Wuppertal.

lecture at university of wuppertal, D

On 22.04.2009 Holger is going to lecture at the faculty of architecture in Wuppertal on digital design methodology.

toolbox trier weblog

Please check our weblog as well.
Here we summarize all works and studies done at the department for digital design at the Fachhochschule Trier, Germany.


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